Cottown Masonic Lodge No.430


Bangor, County Down,

Northern Ireland

Cottown Lodge


A Poem written by one of the founder members of Cottown Masonic Lodge about some of the foundation members......

Written By The Six-Roads-End Poet,
Sing to the tune of
" It's Six Miles From Bangor To Donaghadee"

Our Treasurer he is a man of renown,
As a builder he's known all over the town;
He'll soon knock you up if your house goes ablaze,
For he's the Third Officer of the Fire Brigade.

There's one you will say I must have forgot,
And that is the man who does all the hard work;
He thinks of the order from daylight to dark,
Sure we never could do without Sammy the Clerk.

And now this is ended I know you are glad,
If it lasted much longer it would sure drive you mad;
But now that the Cottown has had it's first spree,
Sure it knocks spots off Bangor and Donaghadee.

Then Hannah comes next, he's a big farmer bold,
He's getting quite fat tho' he's not very old;
If he'd only some hair on the top of his head,
He would swear a lot less when he gets out of bed.

Bro. McClelland's the next in the van,
James Arthur, says John, "you are a wee man";
Look after Big Baillie and keep him alright,
But, for god's sake, mind Simpson, or else he'll get tight.

Then Cunningham he is the boy at the door,
He's learnt a whole lot, but he'll learn something more;
If you don't give the right word he won't let you in,
While he holds up the sword at the point of your chin.

The Cottown Lodge, sure, it is not very old,
And in it there's farmer boys, hefty and bold;
And they all say if you wait and see,
The Cottown Lodge flag at the top of the tree.


Toora loo, toora lea, oh it's six miles from Bangor to Donaghadee.

The Doctor's a man and a good mason too,
He's king of the red and the boss of the blue;
He'll give you some physic and fix you up right,
And he wont let you go from the Cottown Lodge tight.

James Arthur, himself, you now see in the chair,
He says there'll be fun if he's goin' to be there;
To come from the Cottown and home the same night,
Well that wouldn't do now that peace is in sight.

Bob Mayne, Senior Warden, a good man and true,
He's not from the Cottown but nearer Balloo;
At conferring degrees you'll admit he's alright,
But when he gets married he'll stay home at night.