Cottown Masonic Lodge No.430


Bangor, County Down,

Northern Ireland



Cottown Masonic


A Short History of Cottown Masonic Lodge......

The Warrant of the lodge was issued to Ballyclare in 1765 and was surrendered in 1858, it remained dormant until issued to Cottown Masonic lodge. Cottown was constituted on the 2nd March 1918 and its foundation members were as follows......

W.Bro. Dr. R.L. Moore, P.G.I.               -     Worshipful Master
W.Bro. James A. Mackintosh                -     Senior Warden
W.Bro. Robert P. Mayne                       -     Junior Warden
W.Bro. John Ferguson P.M.                  -      Treasurer
W.Bro. Samuel Keenan P.P.G.S.B.      -      Secretary
W.Bro. William Hannah                         -      Senior Deacon
W.Bro. John McClelland                        -       Junior Deacon
W.Bro. George Magowan                      -       Inner Guard
W.Bro. William Cunningham                  -      S.S.
W.Bro. Charles Lemon                           -      J.S.
W.Bro. Rev. J.A. Carey M.A.                 -       Chaplain
W.Bro. Matthew Morrow P.M.
W.Bro. Andrew Francis P.P.G.S.B.
W.Bro. William H. Thompson

W.Bro. Samuel Alexander
W.Bro. Robert H. Finlay P.M.
W.Bro. Robert Logan P.M.
W.Bro. Robert Simpson P.M.
W.Bro. Samuel Brown W.M.
W.Bro. R.D. Montgomery
W.Bro. Jas. B. Campbell
W.Bro. Jas McClelland
W.Bro. Thomas Mayne
W.Bro. Joshua Pearson
W.Bro. Wm. Burrows
W.Bro. Alex Courtney
W.Bro. Wm. J. Baillie
W.Bro. George A. Job

The Cottown Lodge is named after a village called the Cottown,  a farming community situated in rolling Drumlin hills a few miles outside Bangor near the Six-Road-Ends, on the road to Donaghadee.